The BEST BB Cream Ever

Ok you guys, this BB Cream from Tarte is my new obsession.
I feel like I've been on a life long search for a Primer that actually works. 
A Primer that would grab and hold my foundation, while keeping shine away all day, like they all promise they will.
I hate wearing powder because I feel like it just clogs my pores, but I need it to combat shine (especially when filming) 
I have also been searching for a good tinted, SPF moisturizer that I could wear pretty much every day when I'm not filming. 
Something lightweight that won't clog my pores or suffocate my skin on a regular basis. 
Something that is much cheaper then my expensive foundation would be nice too.
So, on most days I was wearing 
-SPF moisturizer
-Laura Mercier Primer
-Armani foundation
-Mac Powder (which I reapply 2-3 times throughout the day)
And Now.... 
-BB Cream from Tarte.
ALL DAY.... that's it.
You guys, it is the best!!! 
I use the  Medium color which gives me great coverage and 30 SPF protection. 
I have stopped carrying my powder with me during the day because it actually keeps the shine away ALL day. 
When I wash my face at night there is still no sign of shine on my face but it also doesn't create that dull, matte looking finish either.
The BB cream also holds onto my makeup better than my primer + foundation together used to. 
So I put on bronzer and blush in the AM and usually only reapply if I'm going into a big meeting or out to dinner at night.
Otherwise it holds it really well all day, no reapplication necessary.
I cannot recommend it enough.
$34 at Sephora, Ulta, Amazon etc.

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